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The Parish Clergy

Fr. Stephan Dias sfx

Parish Priest


Fr. Jerry Fernandes sfx

Assistant Parish Priest

After doing his schooling under the Capuchins at Monte Guirim, Goa, Fr. Jerry joined the Seminary of Pilar. He made his first profession as member of the Society of the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier [Society of Pilar] in 1980. After doing his graduation and Philosophy at Nagpur and Theology in Pilar, Fr. Jerry was ordained priest on 23rd April 1989.


Given his quality of engaging an easy rapport with the youth with his natural wit, humour and music, he was appointed Prefect for minor seminarians and also Vocation Promoter for five years. Fr. Jerry plays the guitar and drums and excels in singing and acting. He also did a stint as Spiritual Counsellor of the youth. He was then given postings in active missionary apostolate and as pioneer of the Pilar Fathers in Kalianpur [Karnataka], and in North East India - Nagaland (4 years), Assam (3 years) and Meghalaya (10 years). Fr. Jerry did extensive mission outreach in remote villages trudging up hills and valleys on foot as there was no other means of transport. Some of these places were infested with insurgency. Responding to the need for peace Fr. Jerry brought out a musical album ‘Golden Peace.’


After 17 years of hectic missionary work Fr. Jerry was elected Provincial Councillor and served as Formation Director and handled other responsibilities at Kolkata. He was then appointed as Assistant Parish Priest at Mitcham in July 2018.

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