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Engagement – as soon as a couple becomes engaged they should inform their parish priest(s) whose encouragement and co-operation are of vital importance.

Notification of Marriage – at least six months’ notice of a marriage is normally required and this requirement should be adequately advertised (e.g., church porches, notices, newsletters, the Diocesan Directory).


Preparation Talks – in addition to the talks and spiritual preparation given by the priests to both partners, whether Catholic or not, meetings with suitable laity who have been properly trained will be required as part of the usual preparation for marriage in the diocese. These meetings will be by special appointment for individuals or couples. A full explanation of the Church’s teaching on natural family planning should always be given.


A marriage preparation must be attended by each couple. 

Marriage Rite – engaged couples should be encouraged to help with the preparation of their wedding by choosing the music, the readings, and the variable parts of the wedding ceremony and of the Mass.

Please contact the Parish priest for further details.

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