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Parish Pastoral Council

The role of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is to prayerfully work with the Parish Priests on behalf of all members of our Parish Community to develop and nourish the spiritual and social life of the Parish and to achieve the mission of the Church in the local community. It is a consultative committee that also undertakes tasks at the request of the Parish Priest. The parish priest has the final decision over all matters the Parish Pastoral Council considers. A core responsibility of the PPC is to encourage and foster evangelisation and to ensure that there are adequate resources within the Parish to enable it to thrive. 


The PPC comprises approximately fifteen members who represent a wide cross-section of the Parish family. It meets about six times a year to pray together, to discern the will of the Holy Spirit and to commend the Parish to the Father’s hands. 


Typically the meeting starts with prayer and reading of scriptures, and this is followed by working through an agenda, starting with minutes of previous,meetings. Minutes and other papers regarding the PPC’s business are available upon request. 


Some of the work of the PPC is achieved through specialist sub-committees. 


Membership of the PPC is open to any parishioner. Those interested may notify the Parish Priest, who will invite the person to join the PPC if appropriate  and if there are vacancies. Members are appointed for three years. However, a member may be re-appointed for a further term of three years. By a variety of means, the PPC will endeavor to seek the Parish’s views concerning specific developments and initiatives. 


Any parishioner who wishes to bring an issue to the attention of the PPC should contact one of the PPC members or the priests. 


In a nutshell, the concern of the Parish Council is to nourish nurture and enhance the faith of parishioners as they strive to live as diligent and devoted disciples of Jesus.

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