Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee represents the Trustees of the Diocesan Charity at the parish level. The committee’s role is to ensure that all financial transactions of the parish are in accordance with the Diocesan Charitable Trust Deed. To this end, the committee not only monitors major items of expenditure but also has the role of ensuring that proper accounting records are kept and that an Annual Financial Return is prepared and audited.


The committee meets four or five times a year on occasions dictated by the financial year calendar and planned major items of expenditure. Membership is by invitation of the Parish Priest.


The current members/officers are: 

  • Fr Stephen Dias (Chair)

  • Carlotta Dixon (Banking and Gift Aid)

  • Peter Giles (Cash handling and Banking)

  • Tony Scott (Secretary)

  • Gerry Smith (Building for the Lord accounts)

  • Lala Thomas (Parish accounts and Gift Aid)


Saints Peter and Paul

The Presbytery, Cranmer Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4LD


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Charity no. 1173050 -  Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark.

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