Daily mass readings and intentions

While we are temporarily unable to physically attend and participate in Masses in the parish, we will be providing parishioners with daily mass bible verses, reflections and intentions that will be offered by our parish priest.

Mass is the sacrifice of sacrifices, because it is the sacrifice of God for us.  There is no better prayer or activity that anyone in the entire world can do than to offer and attend a mass in the state of grace, and receive Jesus in the Eucharist.  Like Mary, we become the living tabernacle of God after communion.

Many of you will be having an intention either for your family, health, for souls, wellbeing or more.  Due to the peculiar situation in which we are in, we are unable to come to the church and offer this intention.  You may do so through email or by giving us a call and we can book your intention for which mass will be offered at the Church. You may give your offering later or drop a cheque in the name of ‘St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church.’


Saints Peter and Paul

The Presbytery, Cranmer Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 4LD


Any comments or feedback on the website: Email us on : peterpaulmitcham@gmail.com

Charity no. 1173050 -  Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark.

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